Series: Adobe Towns



A film by Stefan Tolz
© 2004 / 43 min (German+French) and 52 min (English) / Digi Beta / 16:9 / Stereo

The second part of the series features the city of Shibam in Yemen. Shibam is called “Chicago of the desert”: the over 1000 year old town indeed resembles the skyline of an American city. More than 500 mud-built skyscrapers (some with eight floors) are placed next to one another. The narrow lanes look like a labyrinth. The oldest houses of this old colony are more than 400 years old. Shibam was the capital of the former oasis Hadramaut and the starting point of the legendary “Incense Road”.



Written and directed by Stefan Tolz
Cinematography: Sorin Dragoi
Editing: Stefan Tolz, Gerhard Schabel
Sound: Markus Holzner
Sound mix: Filmsound Munich
Music: Ludwig Eckmann, Winfried Zrenner
Production manager: Markus Breimaier
Commissioning editor: Ulrike Becker, SWR

A coproduction of Filmquadrat & Südwestrundfunk
in collaboration with ARTE.

Supported by the FilmFernsehFonds Bayern.


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