Claude Dornier - Pioneer of Aviation

Medienpreis für Luft- und Raumfahrt 2019

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VDRJ Columbus TV award

to film // Series: Over the Islands of Africa

The Internet Indians

VII Inkafest mountain&environment film festival 2011 - Best Film on Environment and Nature

to film // Series: The Fight for Amazonia

Gold of the Himalayas

Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival 2008 – Best film on Mountain Culture
Festival International du Film d'Autrans 2007 – Prix du Film Vie des Hommes "Terres d'Aventure"
Film Festival della Lessinia 2007 – Honorable mention of the Jury

to film // Series: Nomads

Shadows of the Desert

Mountain Film Festival Graz 2006 – Honorable Mention

to film // Series: Nomads

The Andean Healer

Mountain FF Domzale 2007 – Best film in the Category "Nature and Culture"
Mediterranean Environmental Award – Rome 2008

to film // Series: Living Heritage

Between the Lines — India´s Third Gender

TLGFF Torino 2005 – Audience Award
River to River Film Festival, Florence 2005 – Winner in all categories
Max Ophüls Film Festival 2006 – Vision-Award
CGLFF Copenhagen 2006 – Best Documentary
Locarno Film Festival 2005 – "La Semaine de la Critique" - Premiere, Participation

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Beyond Samarkand

Bavarian Television Award 2006 – Best Documentary
First Prize Foreign Cultures
Intern. Mountain Film Festival Trento 2006 – Gold Award "City of Bolzano"

to film // Series: Living Heritage