Nomadism is the oldest way of life. It wasn’t until about 11,000 years ago, with the introduction of farming and the domestication of wild animals, that human beings started to settle. And yet, in spite of this, nomadism still exists today and will certainly continue to exist in future since large parts of the Earth’s surface cannot be used for anything other than nomadic herding.

The nomadic life hasn’t become any easier. In many countries the creeping onset of climate change has led to major droughts on the nomads’ traditional pasture grounds. At the same time globalisation makes it more difficult for nomads to survive because their traditional wares like cheese, hides and milk can hardly compete with the cheaper goods produced by multinationals like dried milk and plastic anoraks.

The series “Nomads — Where Caravan Routes Cross” looks at the very different lives of nomads in Niger, Ladakh and Kyrgyztan as they try to survive the daily conflict between tradition and the modern way of life. It was developed in cooperation with the "Länder-Menschen-Abenteuer"-department of German TV-station SWR and ARTE.

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