Series: Adobe Towns



A film by Thomas Wartmann
© 2004 / 43 min (German+French) and 52 min (English) / Digi Beta / 16:9 / Stereo

The third part in the series depicts the city of Yazd, in central Iran. Due to its unforgiving location at the crossroads of two deserts, Yazd is exposed to an especially hard climate. The extreme heat of summer and bitter-cold winters, typical of the Iranian highland, require a hearty architecture able to withstand such conditions. The roof-covered Bazaars are reminiscent of a past era — when Marco Polo (13th century) traversed Yazd during his many journeys along the southern silk road. Famous for its production of carpets, Polo himself honoured this city by referring to Yazd as “The Noble One”.



Written and directed by Thomas Wartmann
Cinematography: Alexander Hein
Editing: Rebecca Khanide
Sound: Carsten Boge
Sound mix: Filmsound Munich
Music: Ludwig Eckmann and Winfried Zrenner
Production manager: Markus Breimaier
Producer: Thomas Wartmann
Commissioning editor: Ulrike Becker, SWR

A coproduction of Filmquadrat & Südwestrundfunk
in collaboration with ARTE.

Supported by the FilmFernsehFonds Bayern.


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