What we stand for. ComWerte — The Film (Corporate Documentary)


© 2009 / Corporate Documentary / 96 min (German+English) for theatrical release / 35mm / Dolby Digital

Corporate Documentary — a brand new genre. From autumn 2007 we accompanied the Commerzbank AG for more than a year, following the value change process called “ComWerte” with a documentary film.

Over 16.000 minutes of professional video material, additional archive material as well as amateur material of the employees were made into a theatrical film.

In February 2009 the film was shown in 30 cinemas in 26 cities at the same time on a great film event.

50.000 DVDs of the “ComWerte” film were given to the employees of the Commerzbank AG. Apart from the main film, the DVD contains around 60 minutes of bonus material — scenes that were not used in the film.

The outcome, a highly entertaining film that deals with the bank’s corporate culture, was received extremely well. After the premiere 85% of the interviewees rated the film with a “very good” or “good”.



Written and directed by Thomas Wartmann, Joanna Michna
Concept: Johannes Brunner
Editing: Hauke Bohnenkamp, Verena Schönauer
Filmworkshops: Johannes Brunner, Raimund Ritz
Production assistants: Friederike Güssefeld, Friederike Winkler
Executive Producers: Markus Breimaier, Thomas Wartmann
Cinematography: Daniel Faigle, Gerald Fritzen, Waldemar Hauschild, Alexander Hein, Frank von Kiedrowski, Florian Leo, Klaus Maikart, Ralf Platte, Christoph Schimmelpfennig, Stefan Schindler, Holger Schüppel, Achim Voigt, Ralph Wilhelm, Frank Witter, Cornelius Zoch
Sound: Norbert Bartl, Sven Bender, Matthias Hopfenmüller, Carsten Kramer, Stefan Kur, Christoph Schedensack, Roger Strauss
Narrator: Christian Baumann
Sound mix: Tomas Bastian
Postproduction: Bernd Rillich

A Filmquadrat.dok GmbH production for Commerzbank AG.


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