Series: Cities by the Sea



A film by Christian Stiefenhofer
© 2015 / 43 min (dt.) / 52 min (eng.) / HD / 16:9 / Stereo

Melbourne in southeast Australia repeatedly rates as the most liveable city in the world. Its population of 4.4 million includes numerous young creatives who contribute towards the city's positive vibe. But far away from international attention, Melbourne has found its very own style: relaxed, cosmopolitan and forward-looking. The film portrays people who have helped define the character of Melbourne in their respective field and who themselves are defined by the city.

In virtually no other city in the world are art and culture as manifest as they are in Melbourne; they are a permanent part of the city's urban image and everyday life. The Melbourne Arts Centre alone produced 4000 performances for around 3 million visitors last year. We meet Mike Makatron, a street artist who scours the city for suitable spaces for his graffiti art. He is one of the most highly acclaimed artists in this relatively young art genre. The film watches dancer Tara Samaya and her colleagues perform between the skyscrapers in downtown Melbourne. And it shows Nixi Killick at work. With the help of 3D scans and laser technology, the fashion designer produces wearable art for celebrities such as Lady Gaga.

Playfulness and creativity are also in evidence in the innovative work of Melbourne architects and designers. Joost Bakker designed a residential building whose facade is made up of 30000 strawberry plants. His restaurant in the business district has no rubbish bins and Joost has banned all forms of packaging from his business, replacing them with reusable containers. He obtains basic ingredients for his dishes from luxury restaurants for free, and, for example, makes flavoursome stock from unused bones.

Mark Olive is an aborigine and one of Australia's most famous gourmet chefs. On a trip to the Australian bush, he introduces viewers to the delicacies of his ancestors. Influenced by constant migration, Melbourne has developed into a culinary capital characterised by varied and experimental cuisine. From boiled dumplings in Chinatown, meringue and cupcakes in the English Tea Rooms, to traditional souvlaki grills in the Greek-dominated neighbourhoods and coffee in all its flavours and forms. Food features prominently at Port Philipp Bay. And it's one very important reason why Melbourne is such a liveable city.



Buch und Regie: Christian Stiefenhofer
Kamera: Johannes Kaltenhauser
Schnitt: Verena Schönauer
Ton: Jonas Bendner
Musik: Nils Kacirek, Milan Meyer-Kaya
Tonmischung: Tomas Bastian
Kommentarsprecher: Christian Baumann (dt.), David Ingram (eng.)
Aufnahmeleitung und Recherche: Lenny de Vries
Produktionsleitung: Kerstin Horner
Producer: Eva Rink
Produzent: Thomas Wartmann
Redaktion: Christian Cools, arte
Ulrike Becker, SWR
Ute Hoffarth, SWR

Eine Koproduktion von Filmquadrat.dok GmbH und ARTE in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Südwestrundfunk.

Mit Unterstützung von Creative Europe. 

© 2015


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