Series: Cities by the Sea - Season 2



Documentary | 2017 | HD | 44 minutes

COPENHAGEN - City of Visions

Copenhagen is the little one among Europe's capitals. The former fishing village on Öresund has grown in recent decades into a metropolis with visions. No other city is preparing its green future as consistently as Copenhagen. Completely relaxed and relaxed, Copenhagen's progress and creativity live.
The documentary draws a multifaceted picture of the Danish capital, which translates as "Kaufmannshafen". Ever since the 1950s, city planners in Copenhagen have been focusing on quality of life and trying to drive the car out of the city center. The many green areas and parks in return to promote cooperation. Today, Copenhagen is above all one thing: a bicycle city. Of just under 600,000 inhabitants, almost every second person from Copenhagen rides to work by bike.
The wheel of Mette Walsted Kristiansen is a real eye-catcher, because it is made of wood. As a designer, she helped develop it. Together with Paul Harder Cohen, she came up with the idea of ​​gluing Danish ash and walnut wood with carbon fibers. This results in a very stable frame, which compensates for the unevenness of the road and improves ride comfort.
The film by Sebastian Lindemann also meets low tide Korsgaard, who weekly rummages through half a dozen restaurants with his bike to collect coffee grounds. In two converted shipping containers, together with Mikkel Lustrup, he breeds oyster mushrooms that absorb the nutrients from the coffee grounds.
With spectacular drone flights over the city, the film discovers the island of Refsheleøen in the harbor area of ​​Copenhagen. Peter Madsen has been working on a rocket made of steel and sheet metal for two years on the former industrial site. A self-construction, which is later to carry a space capsule, with him as a passenger. In three years he wants to shoot a manned rocket into the stratosphere and bring it back safely - a suicide mission.



Director: Sebastian Lindemann
Camera: Olaf Bitterhoff
Editing: Roland Possehl
Music: Nils Kacirek, Milan Meyer-Kaya
Production: Filmquadrat.dok GmbH
Editor: Ute Hoffahrt, SWR


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